WK0100: Mini PLC



General Purpose PLC with features that make it unique. Its features are:

Relay outputs 16A, 10A.

TTL isolated outputs 24V/5V.

Digital inputs.

RS 485 port.

USB port with power selector external/USB

I2C port with RJ11 conector. Adding a RFID reader is very easy.(a WK0200), más entradas y salidas (un WK0400), salidas de regulación 0-10VDC (un WK0700), ...

Connector for I/O expansion.

Standard DIN rail mounting.


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1.  It is powered at 24VDC.wk0100

2. It has three built-in power supplies, one of 5VDC 500mA, other of 12VDC 500mA and another of 24VDC 2000mA.

3.  Six relay 10A outputs, valid for lighting control.

4.  Two relay 16A outputs, valid for power sockets control.

5. Three isolated digital inputs. 

6. Two digital outputs transistor, ideal for controling flashing leds.

7. I2C port, you can connect any device but it is especially convenient for WK0201 RFID reader, as it feeds and communicates through a single phone cord that plugs into the RJ11 connector.

8. USB port. Ideal for developing with Arduino, it has a switch to choose RS485 or USB communication to program or use it as a serial port for input and output data to the module. It is selected by a jumper if the power is through the USB (without relay operation) or through the external supply terminal, therefore, to program from Arduino, there is need to power the module through the external supply.

9. RS485 communication, it has a switch to put the terminating resistor or not.





Compatible with Arduino platform. The RS485 version has an ATMEL microcontroller ATmega 328 MCU, easy to program in C.Please, consult our tutorial: first steps with Arduino



Ideal for home automation, please consult our tutorial: home automation with winkhel step by step



RTC option

It is placed on the board and it communicates by I2C.


What is there inside?

A compact board with relays of 16A and 10A integrated. The USB port allows to program it in a very simple way, because it has a switch to choose power by USB or external, so, you can test your program connecting only the USB wire.



Programmed for a specific application

We deliver programmed for the specific application that you needs. Consult us!.