WK0200: RFID reader




RFID Card Reader Contactless 125 KHz with a size of 40 x 40 x 40 mm

Compatible with any 125 kHz RFID card. It has 1 digital output relay for access control.

Two communication options: direct connection to I2C with WK0100, WK0400, etc. or RS485

Reading distance aprox. 5 cm.

Download data sheet

Programmable, with examples and SDK .NET or Java

Compatible with Arduino platform. The RS485 version has an ATMEL microcontroller ATmega 328 MCU, easy to program in C. SDK available for development according to the protocol you wish to use: Modbus, ASCII, etc..

Programmed for a specific application

We deliver it programmed for your specific application, consult us

Very low cost

Our prices are very competitive, consult us!