WK0300: Blind actuator




PLC designed for the control of a blind. It has bus connection to allow the simultaneous handling of various blinds.

It allows the creation of groups.

Its small size, 55x40x70 mm, and 85VAC -264VAC power allows the installation in blind box or an electric box 10x10 cm.

Compatible with any push-button because its intputs are voltage-free.


Download data sheet

Unattended operation, purchase and install

It comes programmed to control groups of blinds: the groups of a blind can be configured in hardware. It has two outputs protected for activating only one at time.

Programmed for a specific application

It has a jumper for selecting independent outputs, therefore, it may be a general purpose device with two inputs and two outputs. It comes programmed for your specific application. Consult us.

Programmable, with examples and SDK .NET or Java

Compatible with Arduino platform, it has an ATMEL microcontroller ATmega 168 MCU, very easy to program in C. SDK available for development according to the protocol you wish to use: Modbus, ASCII, ...

Very low cost

Our prices are very competitives, consult us!