WK0400 series: 6I 4O 16A


WK0400 series


Two power options: 120 to 370VAC or 24VDC. It has 4 digital relay outputs 16A and 6 digital inputs. In terms of communications, RS485 port and I2C port with RJ11 connector. Ideal for home automation and access control of a room or office by connecting the RFID reader I2C WK0200. It has a potentiometer and 4 microswitches.


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1.  Available version with power 24VDC or 110/230VAC. There is also available the version for wall instalation or DIN rail instalation.wk0300

2.  It has four 16A relay outputs, it is valid to control lighting or electrical plugs. The connection is made with plug-in terminals for easier instalation.

3. RS485 communication and six digital inputs. Lets you to connect various devices in a RS485 bus. Regarding the inputs, they are volt free, so, compatible  uanto a las entradas, are compatible with any type of button, switch or sensor that provides this type of output.

4. Dip switch. The first four switches are freely configurable, can be used for example to configure groups or to set remote address in Modbus RTU system. The switch number 5 is the terminating resistance.

5. Potentiometer. It has a programmable analog input that can be used, for example, to set the time of opening and closing of the blind.

6. I2C bus. Connection via RJ11, it carries bus and 24VDC, so the WK0200 can be installed directly only with a cable, ideal for access control applications. 





Compatible with the Arduino platform, ATmega 328 MCU ATMEL microcontroller, easy to program in C. 


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