DNC to Modbus TCP gateway

DNC Modbus TCP

Communication between an application computer and a CNC Fagor 8055 TCP IP

One of the applications we have done with our WK0500, the multi-gateway device, is this converter DNC (protocol used by a CNC Fagor) to Modbus. Thus, we have CNC Fagor read data from a PC via an Ethernet OPC.


Download schematics and quick guide here


This solution was made with a WK0500:

Download WK0500 data sheet



The WK0500 "translates" what comes according to the protocol DNC to Modbus TCP, so the OPC Server software can "read" it. Thus, the software application installed on the PC can retrieve data from the CNC and display them on screen.


This solution has been tested with the Matrikon OPC Server and Kepware OPC Server having best results even in a industrial environment